SMI Mission

SMI Mission is to achieve superior patient satisfaction during the transition from public to private health care.


  • SMI Financial Services organizes financing and selection of innovative healthcare ventures
  • SMI HCM offers consulting to implement and grow new HC business models to help improve patient care and retention
  • Healthcare providers (hospitals, medical practice managers, diagnostics, pharmacy, retirement homes, etc..) are in a time of unprecedented challenge and promise. As the shift from public to private care and emerging technologies become more rapidly adopted, Health Care providers find themselves facing growing and more diverse sources of competition, shifts in clinical demand, models and utilization, and a rapidly transitioning financial environment. Working with uniquely experienced professionals having hands-on experience of proven business models, SMI HMC helps clients navigate and execute in the evolving healthcare landscape.

    Innovative strategies powerfully balance long-term enterprise direction with near term opportunities. They differentiate across business models to create sustainable and scalable market position. This creates a clear path and prioritized capital investments.

    Today's health care strategies must address key imperatives:

  • Selection of Proven Business Models that optimize Health System Assets for the shift from public to private
  • Financing of new Business Models
  • International Partnerships to achieve superior growth
  • International Physician Exchanges for Best Medical Practices
  • Patient Focus to improve Patient Attraction
  • Information Systems and Technologies
  • Organizational Design and Governance through seasoned managers with previous experience of the new business models
  • SMI Mission

    SMI assists clients across multiple dimensions of organizational strategic planning including:

  • Business Model Selection and Growth Strategy
  • Support to Investors
  • International Physician Alignment Strategy
  • International Partnerships: Mergers, Affiliations and Ventures
  • Marketing and Patient Attraction Strategy
  • Information and Technology Strategy
  • Healthcare markets are in flux. Entrepreneurs and Investors are assuming increased financial responsibility for managing patient shift from public to private health systems. While this shift from public to private has surely begun, the transformation is far from complete. The majority of medical providers is not yet in the private sector, and most will continue to deliver care under the old system for the foreseeable future.

    SMI supports Health Care entrepreneurs and investors on this journey, helping them explore their market options and optimize performance within this mixed, evolving, and uncertain environment.

    As healthcare transitions from "public to private," the greatest challenge facing HC entrepreneurs and investors is transforming the care delivery superstructure to effectively care for patients and populations across the continuum to achieve patient health and experience.

    Achieving such transformation requires advancing on three dimensions:

    1. A Common Strategy aligning investors and entrepreneurs

    2. New Business Models comprised of 4 Elements:
      i. Patient Segmentation and proper marketing
      ii. Advanced Care Models: integrating new technologies
      iii. Patient Focus: Exceptional and highly reliable care based on Patient-measured outcomes
      iv. External growth Management: to force the transition of public to private sectors and accelerate growth

    3. Information Management and Medical Innovation: to accelerate the transformation of health systems

    Healthcare stands on the precipice of a monumental revolution. Amidst the pressures of reform initiatives and a seemingly endless wave of technology developments, healthcare organizations must proactively position themselves for the new future. That means a powerful alignment and integration of their strategic, clinical and financial goals with that of their technology, data and informatics.

    At SMI, we provide experienced HC managers and international partners to work alongside our clients to provide the best business models proven by previous success. We help entrepreneurs and investors move first in newly created private markets with superior delivery models to improve care delivery and market differentiation. We select the best medical innovations based on years of previous success. Achieving superior patient satisfaction from private healthcare requires nothing less.

    SMI International Partnerships

    International Partnerships with large affiliated Hospitals and other Health Care Providers strengthen the impact of SMI HMC when dealing with Chinese Hospital Providers. The following is a short list of leading hospitals in Switzerland and Italy with solid contractual ties with SMI. Their top management can provide guidance and governance to enhance Patient Care with clients of SMI in Asia.

    Institute of European Oncology

    The Institute of European Oncology in Milan, the leading Private Hospital dedicated to clinical and research services in the field of Cancer and Cardiology. Mauro Melis and Its management team including Mauro Melis, CEO, can receive SMI clients and also come to China for advice.

    La Tour Urgences

    The Hospital La Tour, Geneva, with advanced expertise in prevention and treatment of all diseases. SMI contracted with Hospital La Tour and his famous management under his American CEO James B. Bissel can teach how to mange a very profitable hospital in a very competitive area.

    Clinique des Grangettes

    The Clinique des Grangettes, Geneva, high-end medical provider for wealthy Swiss patients has a full suit for medical care and advanced surgery. SMI has an affiliation with this prominent Swiss Private clinic and its manager Gilles Rüfenacht visit China regularly.


    The Bethainien Klinik in Zurich host famous doctors. It contracts with SMI as part of the Genolier Group. Antoine Hubert, owner of the Genolier Group is close to the Head of Financial Services of SMI.

    SMI is also affiliated with Health Care Services Companies to teach Best Practices in the Services Field for instance:

  • Unilabs, leading European provider centralized Laboratory and Diagnostic Centers
  • LVL Medical, large European networks of Home Care Centers
  • Galenica, Biophamraceutical delivery in Switzerland
  • Orpea, Network of retirement homes
  • SMI can also give access to large Swiss Pharma and Medtech companies, such as Novartis, Roche, Actelion, Straumann, Synthes-Stratec, and hundreds of small biotech and ehealth/medtech companies working on medical innovation and information technology.