Swiss Medical International

SMI Financial Services

SMI Financial Services

Swiss Medical International (SMI) is a Financial Service Provider in the Medical Sector. Since 2002, SMI has organized the BioData Forum, a leading Health Care Investment Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. The BioData Forum is an Investment Platform linking Entrepreneurs and Investors to facilitate direct investments in Medical Services (i.e., Hospitals, Home care, Telemedicine) and Medical Innovation Companies (i.e., Biotechnology, Medical Imaging and Surgical robotics). SMI has an active network of hundreds of Health Investors and Successful Medical Entrepreneurs in Europe and the USA. Over the years, the best business models have successfully financed their operations and many new companies listed their shares on the Stock Market. These models and their management practices can now be applied to the major Health Care Changes in Greater China. The knowledge and contacts of SMI are precious to avoid the pitfalls of value creation in the booming Asia Medical Business. The partners of SMI can directly intervene to coach and accelerate the growth of Medical Enterprises in China. SMI Financial Services includes advising entrepreneurs and investors, facilitating the investments in the best ventures and providing support to the superior companies involved in Medical Care.

SMI Health Management Services

SMI HCM provides Partnering and Guidance about the Best Health Care and Hospital Management Practices to Chinese Entrepreneurs and Investors.

Over the years, SMI HCM has aggregated a large Health Care Network of leading medical providers and Health Care management experts having hands-on experience of successful business models in the on-going global transition from Public to Private health Care Delivery. Leading International Providers and Institutions provide Best Management Practices, Accreditations and Controls.

SMI Financial Services

The combination of Financial Services and Health Care Management Services is the right leverage to support Entrepreneurs and Investors willing to innovate in the Private Health Care Field in China. SMI Financial Services supports investors, structures the financial deals and sets the proper governance and senior international advisors, SMI HCM provides International Medical Partners such as large hospitals overseas and the coaching and governance of previously successful International Managers and Medical Experts.

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