Letter of the Chairman of the BioData Forum,

Hervé de Kergrohen, CEO of SMI

Hervé de Kergrohen

Hervé de Kergrohen

In this period of great interest for International Medical matters, SMI transferred the Biodata Forum in China as an Investment Platform to link Chinese Health Care Entrepreneurs and worldwide Investors in order to foster innovations in medicine into the Chinese Market. European Experts with a successful experience of health investment and management give advice through the BioData Investment Platform.

China is one the verge of a vast Health Care Reform. The Health System of China will create many investment opportunities. The private health care service sector will be completely transformed, with the creation of Insurance Players and Hospital Chains, Medical Center Management companies, Medical Tourism and eHealth Initiatives.

As happened in Europe 20 years ago, many financial infrastructures will also be built in Asia. It is necessary to have a full chain of financial value creation from University Technology Transfer to Venture Capital, IPOs and Specialised Health Care Funds as well as Investment Bank Health Teams.